Coach Sergio has developed a Muay Thai ranking system which is international recognized and designed to help affiliate academies teach the martial art that has inspired him for over thirty years. Some people object to formal testing within the Muay Thai community however Coach Sergio believes that testing is the only way for a student to fully gauge their progress.

To achieve each rank in Coach Sergio’s system, the student must spend a desired amount of time training directly under him or an affiliate instructor. Students that desire to obtain rank under Coach Sergio that aren’t under direct supervision must attend numerous seminars, camps, and train diligently prior to testing will be authorized.

In rank testing one must show a solid understanding of the fundamentals of Muay Thai, along with the ability to use one’s skills when pressure is applied. Moreover, other qualities like timing, depth of knowledge, lifestyle, and temperament will be taken into consideration.

Ranking testing is offered once each quarter at Coach Sergio’s primary academy and  before or after seminar dates when scheduled appropriately.